We provide Project & Construction Management services based on objectives, for promoters or jointly with them. We implement procedures of construction management to control costs and duration of works, assessing the risks of every decision taken. We establish four modules which can be offered individually: Definition (project), Subcontracting (Pre-construction), Control (Construction) and Completion and Closeout (Post-construction). The main figures participating are Project Manager and Construction Manager.


We have experienced in both small and big projects. We manage the entire program and construction process – from pre-design through project delivery and closeout. We guarantee the highest quality of our services.

The first step is monitoring the Project from its inception, reviewing all the details in the Preliminary Project and Execution Plans, or from Pre-construction or Construction phases. In the first case, we audit the project to detect and resolve any potential problems or trouble spots that could compromise the following phases. We address these problems before construction, offering –if required- an engineering report to assess the budget. In the second case, we study the project and focus on the convenience of a single contract or consolidating the project under the oversight and coordination of an ad hoc management team. We align ourselves with the objectives of the Project to coordinate the planning, the resource allocation and alternative solutions, aimed at reducing risks.


We make our Project Monitoring system available to our clients so they can monitor all the aspects of a project and its evolution. With this tool clients get first-hand and real-time information to help them make informed decisions during the execution of the project, without having to be directly involved in the daily management.

Especially relevant is the capacity to minimize any deviation from targets. Project Monitoring services can be focused on the preliminary phase, on the execution phase or on the delivery and closeout phase, placing the emphasis on the supervision and monitoring of deadlines, budgets and certifications. This monitoring service is especially important for public administrations, investment funds, financial institutions and financial or cost control departments.


We have a network of trusted collaborators that have worked for us on numerous projects. This solid network allows us to offer know-how, experience, innovation and creativity to any project, adapting to every budget and needs. Our Engineering or Architecture projects are more than just plans. Our aim is to go beyond mere construction and create spaces with a soul and with special qualities.


Expert reports are of vital importance in many legal proceedings and even when there is no legal need. The are useful to determine the reasons behind misunderstandings or significant differences between two parties. Reports must be rigorous, accurate and transparent in their analysis and conclusions. We can offer prestigious, experienced and independent professionals.

Because we know the legislation and all the paperwork needed, we are efficient and effective in handling building permits. We offer our clients diligent, specific and hassle-free procedures, avoiding annoying delays and problems.